Vordrassil Electric Gua Sha, Scrapping Face Slimming Massage


Vordrassil Electric Gua Sha, Scrapping Face Slimming Massage Instrument,2023 Upgraded Facial & Body Massager Tools, 4 Features All in 1, Relieve Soreness and Pressure, Improve Facial Contour(White)



【Different With Traditional Jade Facial Roller】this unique gua sha facial tool delivers a soothing heat and pleasant vibrating sensation for your skin. It helps with promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage maintains healthy glowing skin. It will be a better choice compare with traditional jade facial roller.
♨︎【Promote Absorption of Skincare Products】This VORDRASSIL Gua Sha tool could be used with your essential oils, serums, firming lotion, toner,eye gel, face mask, and body creams for better absorption.
♨︎【What’s Included】1 electric gua sha machine with essentials—1 USB cable in the package fits most of chargers, 90 minutes for a full charge and offers up to 4 hours of usage on a single charge. 1 tradional gua sha board for experience an ancient method of hygiene care.


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