Multipurpose Sink Filter, Sink Colander Basket


Quality Multipurpose Sink Filter, Sink Colander Basket, Triangular Sink Strainer, by Aiiza (Blue)



  • Swan Sink Drain Basket Do you often clog your drains when using traditional sink filters? Still need to manually remove dirty residue? The new drainage rack has a unique design, the residue can be poured directly into the trash can, no residue, clean and hygienic, no need to worry about the problem of sewer blockage, allowing you to enjoy pure kitchen fun.
  • High-quality material The kitchen sink drain basket is made of high-quality PP material, high temperature resistance, reusable, no need to worry about harmful substances, clean vegetables and fruits with peace of mind.
  • Convenient storage The perfect combination of triangle and swan shape makes full use of the space in the corner of the sink without taking up extra space in the sink. It has a hole design and can be stored on a wall hook when not in use, saving space.
  • Easy to use The swan drain basket long hook is suitable for all sinks, with a triangular structure for added stability. It is easy to use without worrying about food scraps knocking over, sagging or loosening the drain basket.
  • Easy to clean and durable Thanks to the high-quality PP material, it will not become fragile after long-term soaking, and when there is oil stains, it can be easily removed by cleaning with detergent! Washing with high heat will not deform it, the drain basket is extremely durable and easy to clean!.


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