Mericka™ Pampas Grass 70 pieces


Mericka™ Pampas Grass 70 pcs | 15 Pcs White Pampas & 15 Pcs Natural Pampas & 30 Pcs Reed Grass 10 Bunny tail Natural Dried Pampas Grass for Flower Arrangements Home Decor Boho



  • BEAUTIFUL HOME and WEDDING DECOR – Be ready for our attention-grabbing pampass grass to stand out in any room! Whether it be homes, offices, or weddings, our pampas grass fits effortlessly with boho, farmhouse, and modern style decorations!
  • 70 PIECES,HAND-PICKED BOUQUET- We commit ourselves to bringing the highest quality pampas grass to your lovely home and bring you a touch of the nature souls in this special periods of time.
  • When you open the carton, please do not shake it hard. Pampas must be very tired after the long process of packaging and travel, so it looks seemingly spiritless. No worries, give it a little time and it will recover.
  • Put the Pampas grass in the sun when you drink afternoon tea, and let it quietly bathe in the sunshine. If possible, give it more sun as pompas grass enjoy sunbathing. The longer it stay in the sun, the more fluffy its feathers will be.
  • DECOR WITHOUT MAINTENANCE: Our dry pampas grass is easy to plume. Once it’s in the shape that you desire, you can place it in a vase and enjoy the decorative ambiance it provides for your home or office. There’s no watering or fertilizing needed.


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