Lyre’s Premium Dark Cane Non-Alcoholic Drink


Lyre’s Premium Dark Cane Non-Alcoholic Drinks – Dark Rum Style | 700ml X 1




  • Impossibly Crafted Non-Alcoholic – Dark Cane
  • Tasting Notes: Full flavored with notes of caramel, fudge, fig, toasted nuts are enhanced by a long finish featuring maple and vanilla
  • How To Enjoy: As a classic mixer. Keep it cold to make your favorite classic including the Sidecar, mixing with Lyre’s Triple Sec & lime juice or shake a Mai Tai using the Lyre’s Cane product range
  • Before your drink arrives, we know you are positively thrilled to begin tasting. Hold fire and resist temptation before you take your first sip neat. Lyre’s best comes to life when made in a delightful cocktail and we have a mixology lesson crafted for you.
  • Perfect Holiday Gift : As a non alcoholic drink, Lyre’s Dark Cane is the perfect gift for the festive season. Bottle Size: 700ml (23.7 fl oz). Alc Vol: Non-alcoholic.


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