Lyre’s Premium Aperitif Rosso Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Medal recipient of The 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Impossibly Crafted Non-Alcoholic Spirit – Aperitif Rosso


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    • Bouquet: Citrus almond and exotic vanilla with dried fruit are enhanced by savoury saffron like elements adding to its subtle complexity Classic in colour with brown & amber hues
    • To Taste: Rich mouthful of flavours follows the bouquet with blood orange and vanilla taking the lead Caramel citrus pith and cocoa brings balance adding to the mouth coating mid palate
    • How To Enjoy: Add soda bitters & Lyre’s Bitter Orange for a twist on a Americano or use as a classic Vermouth mixer Delicious Lyre’s London Dry & Bitter Orange to make a perfect Lyre’s Negroni
    • Bottle Size: 700ml (237 fl oz)
    • Alc Vol: Non-alcoholic


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