Lightweight Compact Umbrella Sun Protection for Women, Kids –


Mini Umbrella with UPF 50+ UV Protection



Lightweight Compact Umbrella Sun Protection for Women, Kids, Portable Travel Umbrella with Storage Box, 6Ribbed Small Umbrella Perfect for Travel

7 amazing colours

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE UV blocking umbrella measures 11 x 1.96in (28 x 5cm) when folded and weighs 240g (0.5lbs), easy to carry around, can be used while traveling, can be placed in handbags, backpacks, suitcases, etc., takes up little space. The unfolded diameter is 39in (98cm), providing good coverage for 1-2 people. 

SUN PROTECTION & COOLING Compact umbrella with thickened vinyl sunscreen coating on the inner layer has UPF50+ sun protection rating, super sun protection and heat insulation, which can block 99% of UV rays so that you can be protected from UV rays under the umbrella and stay cool. 

8-RIB TRAVEL WINDPROOF UMBRELLA Ordinary umbrellas are challenging to withstand gusty winds, our automatic parasol can, with a solid wind-resistant umbrella frame, a total of 8 ribs, black lacquered steel to enhance the toughness is not easy to deform, so that the wind passes through will not be broken, travel in the handbag mentioning to prepare a windproof umbrella of our umbrellas, will bring you great convenience, do not fear the extreme weather. 

WATERPROOF FABRIC The outer layer of the umbrella cover is made of high-density polyester hydrophobic fabric, excellent hydrophobicity makes the rainwater contact surface quickly slide away from the umbrella surface, and the inner layer of high-density vinyl fabric, after a number of production processes, is not easy to wear and tear, and effectively block the rainwater seepage, double-layer protection to avoid the emergence of the situation of the top of the leakage of rain. 

EASY TO OPERATE Just click the button on the handle, you can realise the automatic opening and closing function, one hand can grasp with a comfortable grip. At the same time, the macaron colour scheme is simple and exquisite, very suitable as a gift for family, friends, colleagues and so on. 

Style: Classic – Price dependent on colour 



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