KASTWAVE Mini Hand Sewing Machine


KASTWAVE Mini Handle Sewing Machine,Portable Electric Handheld Sewing Machine,Quick Stitch Tool For Fabric Clothing Kids Cloth Pet Clothes(Green)



  • Universal sewing machine Made of high-quality ABS material, safe and durable. Manual sewing machines are very suitable for cloth, silk, denim, wool, leather, clothes, hanging curtains and toy crafts. It can easily repair curtains or clothes without removing them. Please note that the sewing thickness should not exceed 1.8 mm.
  • Mini handheld sewing machine Lightweight, compact, easy to carry, and ergonomically designed. When you encounter an emergency of sudden thread disconnection, you can easily solve the sewing problem, which is very convenient.Portable sewing machine is a good helper for life, suitable for home, travel, etc.
  • Two power modesYou can directly use 4 AA batteries or use direct current (not including battery and charging cable).Easy to operate, after installing the battery or plugging in the power source, just press the power button to use it.
  • Easy to operate The user manual is easy to operate. After installing the battery or plugging in the power supply, you can use it by simply pressing the power button.The presser foot is unfolded, the shuttle is level, and the thread is automatically aligned.If the clothes are torn, you do not need to take them off, you can sew them directly with one hand. It is always convenient to sew.
  • Simple Operation Easy to operate, can be operated through the manual, installed on the line can be used, the runner opens the presser foot, the shuttle core is  placed horizontally, automatic routing.


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