Foldable Flat Mop and Bucket Set


JOMILA Foldable Flat Mop and Bucket Set with 10 Squeegee Mop Pads Wash and Dry Mop Cleaning System Floor Cleaner Flat Mop for Wooden Floor Laminate Tiles Stone Floors (Style A)



  • Hands-free Self-cleaning Mop Two chamber buckets: one wet bucket and one dry bucket (the bucket with scraper), makes mopping easier and faster. No need use hands to clean the mop head, drastically reduce water use while cleaning more effectively. Install the mop pad correctly and press tightly, the mop panel will be easily pushed into the drying side bucket to squeeze out the water.
  • Swivel Mop Head The handle can be extended to 126cm and the flexible 360-Degree swivel head allows for any tight spots and all other hard to reach places.
  • Easy to Store & Lightweight An ingenious three section handle enables the entire mop to be quickly disassembled and stored in the bucket, so the whole system can be stored in an under work surface cupboard. Note: It is a small size mop and bucket set, for your good shopping experiences, please check the items size before buying. As to its lightweight, please put it beside the wall during usage to avoid flipping over .
  • Microfibre pad Microfibre pad easy to soak up liquids & pick up dust, dirt, debris & hair. Machine washable. As the microfibre pad can adsorb limited dirty and bucket has limited water capacity, if the floor is too dirty or big rea, please previously clean the floor with broom(not included), or wash and dry the mop pad more times and replace the water of bucket in time. The mop pad need be washed clean and dry before mopping on the floor, otherwise it may leave floor dirty.
  • Universal Suitable for vinyl floors, wooden floor, bamboo floor, glass floor, stone floor, ceramic tiles floor. Also suitable for cars, room windows and doors cleaning. Note: if use for laminate floors and other surface which easily reserve water, please squeeze water more times before mopping on the floor. 


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