Essential Oil Diffuser, Humidifier With Volcano Flame Light , 3 light modes, 2 Mist modes


Essential Oil Diffuser,360mL Humidifier With Volcano Flame Light , 3 light modes and 2 Mist modes Ultrasonic Aromatherapy, Suitable for Home, Office, Bedroom, Spa Yoga, Office,Ideal Gift


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Patented smoke ring design, produces an atmosphere of volcanic fire and fog and combines two spray functions to create stunning, lifelike effects. It is the ideal gift for friends and gives you the best visual experience.

Realistic Flame Effect This essential oil diffuser, which combines light and mist to provide a realistic flame effect that can be switched between a gentle and ferocious flame, is ideal for ultrasonic aromatherapy. To reduce fatigue, hydrate your skin, and create a relaxing environment, add 3-5 drops of your favourite essential oils.

Ultra-Silent & Auto Shut-Off Function Our fire diffuser provides a tranquil, ultra-quiet operating environment of 30 dB to help lift your spirits, reduce stress, and enhance your sleep. Additionally, the built-in intelligent chip in the Air diffuser allows it to immediately shut off when there is not enough water, making it incredibly dependable and safe. Creating Ultrasonic vibrations, as opposed to conventional heat, are used by this humidifier to create mist. Using ultrasonic vibrations, it vaporises water and oil to create ideal vapour that maintains the purity and original restorative characteristics of the oils.


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