Dust Cleaner, Retractable Gap Dust Cleaning


Yameem Dust Cleaner, Retractable Gap Dust Cleaning, Good Grips Microfibre Cleaning Brush, Removable and Washable Telescopic Dust Collector for Home Bedroom Kitchen



  • Gap Cleaning Brush: The under appliance duster is extremely tough, can be bent freely, has strong cleaning power, flexibility and flatness, it can reach into corners, gaps, and locations that are difficult to clean or cannot be cleaned normally.
  • Expandable Dust Collector: the extension bar can reach up to 55 inches and can clean anywhere you want in your home without having to climb a ladder or kneel down to clean.
  • The microfibre duster is held by PP material and aluminium alloy. The texture is soft and does not hurt the surface, static electricity absorbs dust and hair, and the cleaning ability is extremely strong.
  • Reusable and Washable Duster Brush: Telescopic dust collector can be directly washed with water, wring out, and then the fibre brush naturally fluffy, reusable.
  • Easy Assembly Required: Dust collectors are not assembled, you need a few minutes to install.Simple installation process, you have a deep understanding of its manufacturing process and working principle, and fall in love with DIY.


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