Air tag Cat Collar with Bell and Safety Buckle in 3/8″ Width


Airtag Cat Collar, Air tag Cat Collar with Bell and Safety Buckle in 3/8″ Width, Reflective Collar with Waterproof Airtag Holder Compatible with Apple Airtag for Cat Dog Kitten Puppy (Black)


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Put an Airtag into this cat collar with holder to build a lightweight tracking collar for your cats. It’s designed for Apple Airtag GPS Tracker for small animals like cat dog chihuahua.
Airtag Cat Collar Holder: The Airtag collar comes with a airtag case, it’s waterproof and shocking-proof. Specially designed for cats and small animals’ small collars, slide-on installed.
Safe Collar: The reflective collar comes with breakaway safety buckle design, easy to release when pulling with force – much safer for your pets when they running around house.
Adjustable Collar Size: The length is adjustable, suit for pets’ neck size from 8.66 – 13.78 inches. 2/5 inch in width, great for most cats puppies and small pets. Find the most comfortable size for them.
Reflective Nylon Collar: Reflective nylon kitten collar with bell design makes your pets can be seen in dark environments. If your pets can’t get used to the bell, it can be removed.

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