360 Degree Rotating Faucet Sprayer


Showay Daily Store SHOWAY 360 Degree Rotating Faucet Sprayer, Double Mode Water Saving Aerator Kitchen Extender Sink Aerators, Anti Splash Tap, silver, FASPRA01-S, 22mm/24mm



  • Premium Quality – Say goodbye to the mess and splashes around your sink because here is the perfect candidate to solve your problem. Unlike many others our kitchen faucet aerator tap head is made from premium quality stainless steel and ABS which renders the head durable and make it last for the years to come.
  • Water saving 50% – Save your money and environment in the same time thanks to this faucet booster WATER SAVING DEVICE that compared to other standard bubble heads will reduces energy costs and water usage by 30% – 70%.
  • One Button 2 Water Modes– By pressing a button, convert soft bubble stream to strong spray.
  • 360° Flexible Full Rotation– The flexible hose of the gooseneck faucet sprayer can be turned or adjusted in any direction or angle, making it easy to clean oversized supplies in sinks or large dishes or pans, etc.
  • Easy Installation– Save your time thanks to the new innovative quick assembly system that this sink nozzle attachment provides. Flexible and convenient faucet head is suitable for 99% of the faucet sprayer sink aerators, and the best thing is thing is that you can install it by yourself with no tools needed.Fits all standard taps with M22 external thread and internal thread M24


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